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She could also go as far as to put innocent people she didn't know in danger, seen when she tried to deliver the Book of Dragons to the Outcasts (who would have undoubtedly tried to use trained dragons to destroy Berk), even though she did it to save her adoptive parents.She has also shown to mislead and guilt-trip her friends for personal gains.

After losing her adoptive family, she is less emotionally stable and often makes the wrong choices, even if is for what she personally believes to be the right reasons.

She has three black belts, as well as one that holds her horn and a lens for the Dragon Eye.

Heather has metallic-like shoulder guards, bracers, knee pads, and skirt, all from the scales from Windshear.

I did a lot of things I am sorry for, but I couldn't rest in peace knowing you thought I did that. Your brother, Dagur." Dagur is Heather's older brother but while Dagur respects her, Heather hated him and wanted to kill him to avenge her adoptive parents (who she believes Dagur killed), unaware of their relations.

But she stopped trying after she learned that he was actually her brother.

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